USPS Customer Service Complaint

The USPS tracking has had more than its share of customer service issues for a long time, so the very idea of USPS Tracking Customer Service may have already made you laugh. Read on.
Quite a while ago, we created The Answer Guy’s Customer Service Wall of Shame to highlight particularly egregious customer service nightmares. Today, we rechristen the Wall of Shame for the United States Postal Service; I present The Answer Guy’s United States Postal Service Customer Service Wall of Shame. USPS Tracking 
USPS Customer Service

Instilling a customer service focus at an entity the size of the USPS and with its we-aren’t-the-government-but-we-act-like-we-are mentality has to be extraordinarily tough
To be fair, customer service at very large companies is difficult, and instilling a customer service focus at an entity the size of the USPS tracking and with its we-aren’t-the-government-but-we-act-like-we-are mentality has to be extraordinarily tough. And while the USPS tracking  service isn’t ever exactly fun to deal with I’ve experienced USPS Customer Service agents who at least tried. Not so today. Perhaps I should have realized things were going to be ugly when I saw this:

USPS Customer Service Human

hey point to the bullet-proof glass on each side of the scales that the Van Brunt Station USPS Customer Service agents use to weigh USPS tracking package. And quite the security system it is; if one window is open the other can’t be. Insert “going postal” joke here; maybe the post office two blocks from my home is in a warzone I wasn’t aware existed, maybe it was once dangerous there and the Van Brunt station is merely awaiting an update.
And the USPS tracking service problem wasn’t even about the place feeling like a gulag.
A couple of weeks ago I made a purchase at The package was directed to an old address, which was completely my fault; I didn’t pay close enough attention. By the time I realized my error it was too late to correct; the USPS tracking package had already shipped. So I contacted the post office in Stanhope NJ and asked for help. USPS Customer Service there was exemplary; the package was re-routed to my new home.

USPS Customer Service Email

Just hours after the folks at the Stanhope Post Office corrected my error the package had found its way to Teterboro NJ. Then, something went wrong. The next day it departed Teterboro for Brooklyn, where it was scanned in one day afterward. Two days after that it was back in Teterboro, and then it took four more days to find its way to Jersey City:

To check on the USPS tracking delivery status of your mailing, enter your USPS tracking number or confirmation number in the field above.

When you handover parcel to local USPS tracking counter they will give a 16 digit receipt which you should keep safe until the item gets delivered meanwhile you can check the status of an item via text or mail.

You can also check details by sending a text message to 28777 with your USPS tracking number.

Enter your 16 digit USPS tracking bar code in the below box to know about transit or delivery information.

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